Getting accepted into university

There are no guarantees in life, you may have decided where you want to go to university, but they have to agree that they would like you to study there. 

As I have mentioned in other posts, I applied a very, very long time ago. So I can in no way say that I am en expert on the selection criteria a university might have. Why not ask them? If you do and they tell you, do me a favour and let me know what they say. 

Nobody wil expect you to be a graphic designer when you get there, but watch out! I've had really experienced school leavers for work experience at Navig8 and their portfolio was already strong.

I reckon any university will be looking for three things;

Be Creative

  • Almost in any form, from drawing ability, photography and form of visual exploration, If you can show you have a creative mind that is ready to emerse itself in a creative environment, I think you might find yourself half way there.
  • How best to show you are creative?  Well, if you are creative this shouldn't be hard becuase you will have been doing creative things. Show school work of course, but have you done anything else? Do you have an Instgram account? Do you keep a sketch book? What artists and designers do you like? Have you made any of your own clothes? Have you made anything? Show what you have done and show it well.
  • My book What to put in your portfolio and get a job: graphic design has advice in it that applies to getting into university and I have no problem (of course) in suggesting you buy it immediately.

Be hungry

  • A rumbling stomach may put you off during an interview, but a hungry mind will help you get on the course you want to get on. They will ask you why you want to go to their particular university. And some of your answers will be along the lines of '...has a brilliant reputation' and 'I looked around the studios and spoke to some of the students and they...', if you catch my drift. 
  • In addittion to that, your answers should include 'I'd really love to learn about...', 'I'm interested in exploring...' And 'I want a chance to...".  If you are enthusiastic, they are likely to be as well.

Be inquisitive

  • Ask questions, show you have an inquisitive mind ready to learn.  Read the curriculmn and ask what some of the areas elements cover. Sound like you know what you want, as long as what you want is what they can offer.
  • University is all about experimentation and creativity. So focusing on the more commercial aspects of the graphic design world may not be your interviewers priority. It is a good thing to touch on the subject, if you have something to say. For instance if you had some brilliant work experience at a studio, tell them why is was brilliant.
  • Every university wants to fill their halls with the finest minds. Their view is if they get the best people and put them in the right environment, they will create the stars of the future.  It is your job to pursuade them that you might be one of them.